What do you want?

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I mean what do you really want? At the end of 2018 do you want to be recognized as a leader who is respected and acknowledged for enabling employee and customer flourishing? Do you want to be the friend or family member that encourages others and helps bring out the very best in them? What about being the spouse or partner that enables the other person to be the very best version of themselves? What do you want?

If you didn’t answer this question in 2017 you have a very high likelihood of not answering it again in 2018, and frankly, that will be one heck of a waste of another year. What I want is for you to get clear about what you want and to convert your desire into decisive action.

Here are three questions that can elevate your thinking as well as elevate your performance.

1. What is it that you really want to accomplish in your professional, personal, community, spiritual, financial and relational life? If you look 12 months in the future what is the ideal state you want to experience? Make this as crystal clear as possible. What will the future look like, what will it smell like, taste like or sound like? Use all of your senses to envision what the future holds for you.

2. Why is this important to you professionally as well as personally? What is the payoff for accomplishing these objectives? How will accomplishing them benefit you, your family, colleagues and even your customer? Are your answers motivational and do they propel you to want to take action? If you look at your answers and they don’t motivate you or stir you to take action quickly, then your answers are not compelling.

3. What are the five to seven different ways you can go about accomplishing your desired result? Find an exemplar or someone who has already accomplished this and go interview them about specifically what did they do to accomplish their result. Do not try and reinvent the wheel. Find someone who has been successful, learn from them and implement their recommendations. If need be, ask them for their help, their wisdom and their guidance.

If you find yourself wanting a deeper dialogue about how you can be more successful at work while also being more satisfied at home, I’m happy to discuss how I can help you do exactly that.

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