What Is the One Thing You Need to Learn?

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I’m conducting interviews for my second book and as part of the process, I’m speaking with successful executives and entrepreneurs. During one interview, I asked a question that made the conversation come alive in a way I never expected. The question I asked became not only beneficial for me, but was insightful and powerful for the person I was interviewing.

What was the question? I’ll share it with you because I believe it will make you think and will be insightful for you, too. The question was, “what is the one thing you need to learn in order to lead your company to heightened levels of success?”

The question wasn’t about what the company needed to do, or how their strategy needed to be modified. It was about the individual on the other end of the phone and what they needed to learn as a leader.

The response I heard was “that’s a great question”, followed by “do you mind if I take a minute and think about that?” When I heard this, I knew I’d struck a chord.

What I learned in this interview was powerful on two fronts. It taught me something about what’s important to successful leaders and how I can address that in my book. I also think it can help you, whether you’re a leader or an aspiring leader.

Monday Morning Mindset Challenge

1. Get clear about what your business or career will look like 3 years from today.

2. Get clear about what the one thing you need to learn as a leader or as an aspiring leader to make success happen.

3. Get clear about the best way for you to learn a new skill or way of thinking required to be successful.

Once you identify what you need to learn, you’ll accelerate toward your destination faster than you ever imagined.

Dedicated to decreasing the time it takes you to be successful.


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