Five Strategies for Accelerated Profit and Performance

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Hand drawing Growth Graph with white chalk on a blackboard.

Let me assure you: the formula for accelerated profit and performance is significantly less complicated than most people make it out to be. Higher performance is achievable and replicable when leaders implement the following five initiatives:

  1. The Strategy Initiative

80% of employees can articulate their departmental strategy and their role in accomplishing it with power, confidence and enthusiasm in 60 seconds or less.

  1. The Execution Initiative

As an organization you innovate new products or services that delight customers on a quarterly basis.

  1. The Talent Initiative

Employees take responsibility for willingly raising the bar on their performance.

  1. The Mindset Initiative

The prevailing mindset in your organization is that of playing to win versus playing not to lose.

  1. The Leadership Initiative

Every leader is a passionate and committed creator of employee flourishing and does something daily to create it.

Monday Morning Mindset Challenge

On a scale of 1 – 10 with ten being the highest and one being the lowest, what score would you give you and your team on each strategy? Would your employee’s, boss or best customers give you the same score?

After taking the test, can you assure your boss, board or key stakeholders that accelerated performance is on track in your organization? If not, what needs to be addressed?

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