Cultivating a Hero Mindset

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I had two very interesting conversations last week. One conversation was with a sales professional in the software industry, and the other was with a finance professional working with recruiters in higher education. Both of them were focused on “making their numbers” for the quarter which ended on Friday.

Both said something similar about closing out their quarters. They said, “Hugh, we’re going to be a hero on Friday. Senior leaders will celebrate us and likely take us out for dinner and buy us a beer. We’ll be a hero on Friday, but a zero on Monday. Our pipeline will be dry and we’ll have to start over from scratch to make our numbers for next quarter.“

The hero one day and zero another mindset is common. All too often successful people focus more on the obstacles to being successful and less of the contributors of success. When that happens the zero mindset pushes out the hero mindset and reduces performance.

This week I want to share with you three strategies for cultivating a hero mindset and for creating a spectacular next quarter. Here are three things you need to do.

1. Create A Success List

Create a list of twenty-five things that contribute to your professional success. The twenty-five things on your list may include activities such as sending out a newsletter, speaking at an industry event, meeting with centers of influence, asking for referrals or talking to past clients. The objective here is to cast a wide net of all of the activities that contribute to your success.

2. Cull Your List

Go through your list and identify the five things that had the biggest impact on your performance and your results. Circle those five things and commit to doing them ruthlessly next quarter. What do you do with the remaining twenty activities? You eradicate them from your thinking. You eliminate them, you eliminate them from the page and you only focus on your top five.

3. Commit To Your List

Schedule your five most beneficial activities in your calendar. You place on your calendar one or all activities every day or every week. You can take one activity and do it on Monday and then another on Tuesday, or you can do all five items on Monday.

 Ladies and gentlemen, for you to cultivate a hero mindset of truly exemplary performance you must focus on your successes and what attracts success to you. This requires you to be ruthless about scheduling these activities in your calendar.

When you follow these three steps, you’re going to jettison the notion of being a zero at the beginning of each new quarter. You will instead cultivate the long-term hero mindset that top performing sales people, executives and employees have.

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