The 3 Most Important Customer Questions Are

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A client called last week and said “I was driving to a customer meeting and needed to exercise my brain… so I called Hugh Blane.” I liked how that rhymed but liked even more that in the hopes of being better prepared she called to gain a new perspective about her meeting and how best to serve her customer.

We discussed how in every organization there are areas that are never capitalized on and that offer huge opportunities for growth. The three areas we discussed were:


Here’s a disquieting thought. People aren’t interested in what you do. They care only care about one thing. They care about whether you are helping them be more successful! That’s it. If you’re not focused each day on value creation and making peoples lives better or more successful you’re missing a huge opportunity.

The most important question:

What evidence do you have for making customers more successful? What evidence did you have one year ago? What evidence do you have today? Are we getting better or getting worse? These are excellent yet nerve racking questions to ask your customer.


We live in a connection economy. People want a connection with the brands they use. They want it in their restaurants, grocery stores, ride services, phones, tablets and their clothes. Success requires you design a meaningful connection with your customer at every touch point of the customer lifecycle.

The most important question:

How often are you getting unsolicited compliments and or referrals from existing customers? Are you going viral and have a steady stream of people out your door wanting to do business with you rather than having to do business with you?


Let’s face it. We are an impatient society that loves immediate gratification. With Amazon touting same day delivery and Starbucks allowing drinks to be ordered and picked up without waiting in line. The need for speed is not going away.

The most important question:

Are you providing greater value with a more meaningful connection faster this quarter than last? Are you as an organization catching up to competitors or are you ahead of the pack?

My client agreed with the new perspective about value, connection and speed and agreed to ask her customer how she was doing. The question for her as it is for you is: are you relentlessly focused on value, connection and speed? Will your customer agree with your perspective? If you and your customer agree you will achieve higher performance, profits and personal satisfaction.

What question do you need the answer to today?

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