The Transformational
Leadership Project:

Creating a culture where the extraordinary is commonplace

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Innovative technologies, global competition, diminished resources and a heightened war for talent have transformed the world of work. What remains to be transformed is the leadership responsible for navigating these changes. In this teleconference leaders will learn the 13 principles used by successful organizations to transform their leadership, their culture and their business results in extraordinary ways. 
Without transformational leadership you will experience:  
  1. An inability to recruit top talent.
  2. Lower profits and performance.
  3. An inability to execute effectively on strategic priorities. 
  4. Disproportionately high levels of employee dissatisfaction.
  5. Low levels of customer satisfaction.
  6. Negligible levels of growth and innovation.
In this teleconference you’ll learn to deploy these 13 principles of Transformational Leadership. 
  1. The Purpose Principle and how to increase company growth by 300% over your competition.
  2. The Priority-Setting Principle and how to have fewer priorities with greater success and satisfaction.
  3. The Promises Principle and how to create commitment not compliance.
  4. The Personification Principle and how to build a brand that helps rather than hurts performance.
  5. The Playing Principle and how to create a culture where every employees strengths are maximized.
  6. The Projects Principle and how to infuse an innovation and growth mindset into your organization.
  7. The Protege Principle and how to be a better leader by being a better student of others.
  8. The Perseverance Principle and how to develop a road map for overcoming adversity.
  9. The Persuasion Principle and how to develop the one persuasion skill that sets transformational leaders apart from transactional leaders.
  10. The Praising Principle and how to capture the hearts and minds of employees with integrity.
  11. The Purification Principle and how to find the 10-15% more time needed to lead a transformation.
  12. The Positivity Principle and how to create the mindset that infuses hope and optimism into an employees thinking.
  13. The Preparation Principle and how to reinvent your leadership every year.
Do you want to convert human potential into accelerated results? If yes, register for this COMPLIMENTARY session on Wednesday, December 17th @ 9:00am.
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Previous Teleconferences

Mastering Your Mindset

September 26th, 2014

Teleconference Details

The single greatest factor of high performing individuals, teams and organizations is their mindset…what happens in between their ears. It’s not the corporate strategy, it’s not the sales compensation plan, nor is it the market segments they’re pursuing. It is what each leader, team member and employee chooses to focus on, to believe, and to create for themselves and for others.

Helping you master your mindset is the greatest accelerator of success I’ve ever seen and used. Building a supreme self-confidence is not simply a lever I’ve used to help people become successful at work, but it also allows people to live a more rewarding and enriching personal life also.

The wrong mindset leads to the following:

  • Playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win.
  • Negative customer experiences.
  • Maintaining the status quo in the face of low performance.
  • Overthinking insignificant details in the hopes of gaining control.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and out of control.
  • Low levels of energy and vitality.
  • Summarily dismissing new ideas simply because they’re new.

In this teleconference you’ll learn how to leverage your mindset for greater success by addressing issues such as:

  • Eliminating negative bias.
  • The 5 essentials of powerful mindsets.
  • Managing your self-talk.
  • Managing others talk.
  • Eliminating perfectionism.
  • The indomitable power of purpose.
  • Attention, intention and repetition.
  • How to trust yourself.
  • Playing to your strengths.
  • Celebrating successes.