Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesdays

I was sitting in a Top Pot Doughnut shop in downtown Seattle waiting for a colleague to join me when I noticed the window washers cleaning the twenty-five foot tall floor to ceiling windows. Since I have a neighbor who runs a successful commercial window washing company, I was intrigued by how you go about […]

Monday Morning Minute 02-20-2012

Today’s Monday Morning Minute is longer than usual…but worth it.

Life’s 3 Most Important Questions

I’m not an existentialist – I am someone however who believes there are important questions that need to be asked of ourselves in order to effectively lead others. Twelve years ago I met Dr. G., a psychiatrist deeply committed to helping people get clear about their purpose in life. In a serendipitous meeting he asked […]

Discretionary Performance: Moving Beyond Ordinary to Extraordinary

The term discretionary income describes the money you have left over every month after paying your taxes and all of your bills. At work we have something called discretionary performance. This is the performance we have left over after our regular work duties have been taken care of, and can be accessed ONLY if we […]

I’m Impressed

I meet executives everyday that are frustrated and disenchanted with their work. They’d love to do something different, but with two kids in college and two new cars in the driveway they feel stuck. But not everyone stays stuck. I have a friend who has just changed careers. After thirty years in an industry where […]

Deadly Sin #7 – Mushrooming

Deadly Sin #7 Mushrooming from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.

Deadly Sin #4 – Arrogance

Deadly Sin #4 – Arrogance from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.

5 Strategies for Accelerating Team Performance

It is commonly known that high performing teams attract and retain the best talent.  But what is not as readily known is that they also act as a role model for increased performance throughout an entire organization.  If developing a culture of high performance within your team is important to you, here are five strategies […]