Fuzzy Objectives = Fuzzy Results

Most organizations speak clearly and eloquently about their most valuable asset – their people. They have a genuine desire to create a culture that retains the brightest and best employees, and can articulate how their employee development initiatives either ensure the organization flourishes, or relegate it to floundering. What predicts flourishing or floundering? It’s the […]

7 Steps To Exceptional Coaching

I was on a coaching call recently with my mentor and coach, Alan Weiss, and we discussed success criteria for exceptional coaching. Seven of the twelve discussed I believe can be instrumental in helping managers and leaders improve performance with an employee they’re coaching. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that one or […]

Discretionary Performance: Moving Beyond Ordinary to Extraordinary

The term discretionary income describes the money you have left over every month after paying your taxes and all of your bills. At work we have something called discretionary performance. This is the performance we have left over after our regular work duties have been taken care of, and can be accessed ONLY if we […]

Always Change A Winning Team

Always Change A Winning Team from Hugh Blane on Vimeo. Transcript: Hugh  Blane: Hello everybody my name is Hugh Blane and I’m the President of Claris Consulting and this is my video blog. Today I have the distinct pleasure of having Dr. Peter Robertson with me. Dr. Robertson is based in the Neterhlands. He has […]