10 Steps Toward Living A More Successful Life

In writing my book, 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth, I learned that there are ten steps successful people take in order to be at the top of their game. Here’s what I learned: Successful people live their lives on purpose as opposed to accidentally. They believe an […]

Fifteen Causes of Underperformance

Every six to eight weeks mentors and mentees of The Rainer Club Mentor Program attend meetings so mentees can gain greater insight as to how they can benefit from participating in the program, and mentors can learn how to become more effective. It’s always an engaging and fun time and frankly, as the facilitator, I […]

3 Steps To Dramatically Increase Your Persuasion Equation

3 Steps To Dramatically Increase your Persuasion Equation Every day, leaders are in the position of having to present their ideas for moving their business forward. Some of the colleagues they need to persuade feel overworked and over-scheduled and in turn are resistant to ideas for doing things better, different or more effectively. They are […]

Outdated Perception #4. Speed Is Dangerous

This is one of the five outdated perceptions I discuss in my new book, 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create A Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth. You can read more in The Perseverance Principle. Outdated perception #4: Speed is dangerous In the world of automobile racing speed is the name of the game. The […]

Why Uber is Inept, Indifferent and Infuriating Customers

In the last eight days I’ve had four trips cancelled with Uber even though my app told me a driver was on their way. This left me stranded and scrambling to get to my destination. I spoke with an Uber driver last week about my cancelled trips. She said when she first started driving for […]

Go Ahead, Make My Day

In the movie Sudden Impact, Clint Eastwood has a memorable line that has taken a prominent place in the history books of memorable movie lines. After shooting four robbers of a restaurant there is one robber left standing. In the hopes of getting out alive, he takes a hostage and thinks this act will leave […]

Five Promises Transformational Leaders Make

There are five promises transformational leaders make. They are: 1. Promises to yourself 2. Promises to your employees 3. Promises to your customers 4. Promises to your boss and senior leaders 5. Promises to your family and friends Here are a few examples of powerful promises from my coaching work you can use as a […]

Success Is Temporary

WWW 05.03.17 1 from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.

The One And Only Job Leaders Have

Leaders have only one job. But first a little context. The number one belief leaders have about what their job entails is managing the numbers. They have a myriad number of metrics for their job, but it is primarily about making the numbers work. That’s true, but here’s a subtle yet transformational shift in thinking. […]

Throw Your Metrics Out The Window

In the ‘what is the one question you want to have answered’ sequence of posts I’m writing, I received this question from an association executive. What are the best metrics for me to have to measure our success? Great question. Here was my answer. Throw all of your metrics out the window. What? Are you […]