Why Uber is Inept, Indifferent and Infuriating Customers

In the last eight days I’ve had four trips cancelled with Uber even though my app told me a driver was on their way. This left me stranded and scrambling to get to my destination. I spoke with an Uber driver last week about my cancelled trips. She said when she first started driving for […]

Go Ahead, Make My Day

In the movie Sudden Impact, Clint Eastwood has a memorable line that has taken a prominent place in the history books of memorable movie lines. After shooting four robbers of a restaurant there is one robber left standing. In the hopes of getting out alive, he takes a hostage and thinks this act will leave […]

Five Promises Transformational Leaders Make

There are five promises transformational leaders make. They are: 1. Promises to yourself 2. Promises to your employees 3. Promises to your customers 4. Promises to your boss and senior leaders 5. Promises to your family and friends Here are a few examples of powerful promises from my coaching work you can use as a […]

The One And Only Job Leaders Have

Leaders have only one job. But first a little context. The number one belief leaders have about what their job entails is managing the numbers. They have a myriad number of metrics for their job, but it is primarily about making the numbers work. That’s true, but here’s a subtle yet transformational shift in thinking. […]

Throw Your Metrics Out The Window

In the ‘what is the one question you want to have answered’ sequence of posts I’m writing, I received this question from an association executive. What are the best metrics for me to have to measure our success? Great question. Here was my answer. Throw all of your metrics out the window. What? Are you […]

Living a Purposeful Life Versus an Accidental Life

This is a picture of courage and tenacity. This is a picture of one person doing everything they can to overcome adversity and live a more purposeful life. Here’s what I mean. Although I advocate for being purposeful in as many areas of your life as possible, there are events and times when you will […]

3 Lessons I Learned From Lino Tagliapietra

  The Three Lessons I Learned From World Renowned Glass Artist Lino Tagliapietra On the first Thursday of the month in Seattle the doors of the downtown art world are thrown open and galleries all across the downtown corridor welcome art aficionados as well as novices like me to enter and view their work. Last […]

Are You Drowning In A Sea of Sameness?

Macy’s is closing 100 stores this quarter and their CEO says their problem is that they are “drowning in a sea of sameness.” For Macy’s there is nothing distinctive and valuable about shopping with them. Other retailers offer the same merchandise from the same equally disinterested sales personnel and don’t enthuse customers about their shopping […]

The Six Hour Strategy Session

In last weeks Monday Morning Mindset I asked what the number one question you wanted to have answered was. The first question I received came from Peter Marks. He asked: “I want to know if I have the right organizational strategy. It’s a very competitive market for us now and I want to know if […]

What’s Your #1 Most Pressing Question?

  I spoke with several CEOs and entrepreneurs last week and asked what I thought was a good question, but that in hindsight turned out to be a fabulous question. I asked, “what is the one question you have about your work, business or personal life that has yet to be answered successfully for you?” […]