Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

There are two types of responses to 2016 coming to a close and 2017 starting. The first is “Good Riddance! 2016 is over and I’m glad to be done with it.” The second is “Bring it on! 2017 holds tremendous promise and I can’t wait to get started.” However you view the closure of 2016 […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

The Five Strategies I Use To Accomplish More In Less Time With Less Stress And Greater Enjoyment I have a lot of priorities. I have client projects, writing for my blog and book, business development responsibilities, creating online courses for Claris University and acting as the head chef and on site general contractor of our […]

How To Increase Your Goal Accomplishment By 50%

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about how you can increase your goal accomplishment by 50%. One of the things I am fascinated about is the research that’s happening in neuroscience and how the brain works. Specifically, that there are really two different parts of our brains; one that’s very good with […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

Belief. What we believe about ourselves and those around us influences us in significant ways. This belief led Henry Ford to say “whether you think you can, or you can’t, your right.” For me, I don’t believe I will ever play in the NFL or NBA and I am 100% confident that I’m 100% right […]

The Three Steps to Powerful Persuasion

Video Notes This week I want to talk about how you can persuade someone to do something. There are three parts to this process. #1 The first part is that you have to build a strong relationship with the person. Building a strong relationship involves having a relationship characterized by trust and respect. These are […]

Seven Traits of a Transformational Leader

Video Notes: This week I want to share with you seven questions that really get at the heart as to whether or not you are a hopeful, optimistic and positive person. This is important because hope, optimism and positivity are contagious, and leaders who exhibit these traits create the same wherever they go. If you’re […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

There are numerous reasons why leaders experience lower than ideal performance. When I pulled back the curtain with a CEO client as to why employees were underperforming in his organization I found the following ten reasons. 1. A market disruption that created significant pressure to retain market share but without a clear strategy for doing […]

5 Questions For Flourishing in 2015

Video Notes: We’re here on the 29th of December. It’s just a couple of days away from 2015. Thank you for being with for another year of the Monday Morning Minute. I want to share with you five questions, that if you ask yourself these questions today it will be a great way to start […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

If you are not making a meaningfully positive difference in the lives of your customers and employees you need to make an exit. It is a reality in the world of work that customers demand an increasingly higher-level of service, courtesy and engagement in order to be a repeat customer. When this is not present […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

photo courtesy of iStock Photo Periscopes allow a submarine to visually search for targets and threats on the surface of the water and in the air from shallow depths. If they are spotted though, the submarine becomes a target and their primary defense is to dive to the ocean floor and take refuge from the […]