Leaders as Bridge Builders

I was listening to NPR on Saturday and heard about a program for at-risk young men called BAM. BAM stands for Be A Man. The program works with young men who are at a high risk for violent crime and works to build the skills necessary to avoid being a victim or perpetrator of violent […]

The 3 Most Important Customer Questions Are

  A client called last week and said “I was driving to a customer meeting and needed to exercise my brain… so I called Hugh Blane.” I liked how that rhymed but liked even more that in the hopes of being better prepared she called to gain a new perspective about her meeting and how […]

Never Underestimate The Power of Asking A Question

picture provided by Shutterstock As the Mastering Your Mindset Intensive enters it’s penultimate week, I asked the participants an important question. When they entered the program 50% of participants said the performance improvement they expected from the program would be between 50% and 75%. The remaining 50% said their improvement would be between a 75% […]

The Worlds Simplest Formula For A Happy Customer and Employee

Do you know what the world’s simplest formula for a happy customer is?  It is surprisingly simple. Here it is: Do what you say you’re going to do. Doing so results in happy customers as well as happy employees.  When you articulate what you stand for as a business and or as a leader and […]

What do corporate fraud, prison breaks and leadership have in common?

What do corporate fraud, prison breaks and leadership have in common? They’re all an inside job. At Enron the corporate fraud there evaporated $78 billion worth of value. It would never have happened were it not for the CEO, Jeff Skilling’s inside knowledge. The Clinton Correctional Facility where two prisoners escaped would never have happened […]

The Simple Formula For A Flourishing Business

Here is a simple yet powerful question. Are you flourishing as a leader? I ask because there is a simple formula my most successful clients use to achieve accelerated results. It goes as follows: 1. Flourishing businesses have flourishing patients/clients/customers. 2. Flourishing customers are created by flourishing employees. 3. Flourishing leaders create flourishing employees. As […]

Three Reasons Employees Ration Their Effort

This week I want to talk about why employees ration their effort. When you think about the word ‘rationing’ it has a negative connotation. If there are low food supplies you ration the food available and only provide the quantity of food necessary for survival. If there is a drought and or low water supply […]

Taking Stock of Your Human Capital

This week I want to talk to you about taking stock of your human capital. The best way for me to do this Monday Morning Mindset is to show you a bottle of Westland single malt whiskey. This is an American craft single malt whiskey I learned of yesterday while on a tour with the […]

Leadership Crunches

This week I want to talk to you about “leadership crunches.” When you think of crunches you will likely think about sit-ups and planks; the exercises we do to have a strong core. The value we gain from doing crunches comes in the form of a stronger back and a flatter stomach. But, crunches cannot […]

Driven to Distraction

This week I want to talk about being driven to distraction. It is without reservation that the majority of executives and entrepreneurs are driven to distraction. I’ve started to notice I have clients, colleagues and family members that when we are together their phones are not only close by but also frequently checked.  I have […]