A Personal Invitation From Hugh

Have you ever been frustrated by your effectiveness and progress, struggled to get out of your own way or found yourself beaten by people with less talent and skill? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, I felt the same way for decades. It was so extreme, and my fear of not being good […]

The 3 Most Important Customer Questions Are

  A client called last week and said “I was driving to a customer meeting and needed to exercise my brain… so I called Hugh Blane.” I liked how that rhymed but liked even more that in the hopes of being better prepared she called to gain a new perspective about her meeting and how […]

Three Must-Do Steps for Delivering Positive Feedback

I know you’re busy. You have a long list of important and strategic priorities continually calling you. And, most days, you feel overwhelmed and over-scheduled. One of your priorities is to deliver positive feedback. And with good intentions, you’ve likely said to an employee “great job on the Phoenix Project.” While the intention of your […]

Why Your Technology Upgrades Are Degrading Your Customer Experience

My mother-in-law’s bank had a planned website upgrade. The intent was to improve the customer experience, drive stronger customer loyalty and make an investment in growing bank deposits. After nine years of focusing on cost containment and risk reduction, the banking industry has recognized that upgrading technology is mission critical to engaging their customers and […]

Why Separation Is Preferable To Unification

This week I want to talk to you about why separation is preferable to unification. You may have noticed that separation has gotten a bad rap. There are several reasons for that. There is the bad rap that came from the separation of the races in the deep south, and there was the separation that […]

The One Strategy For A Flourishing Mindset

This week I want to talk to you about the one strategy to have a flourishing mindset. Just one, really? What could be the “One” strategy you can implement to have a flourishing mindset? It’s really pretty simple. It is simple in construct but it can be harder to implement because it’s challenging in today’s […]

Say Hello To The Monday Morning Mindset

Wait, did you just say the Monday Morning Mindset? Yes, I did. I’m changing the name of the Monday Morning Minute to the Monday Morning Mindset and I’m doing so for two reasons. One, I haven’t done a Monday Morning Minute in a minute in quite some time. I just find the construct of doing […]

Managing Your Leadership Message

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about managing your leadership message. Ladies and gentlemen, every day, by the words that we use and the actions we take, we are communicating a message to the people that matter most to us. Whether it’s our family, an employee, a key stakeholder, a shareholder or […]

How To Reduce Interpersonal Strife By 50%

Note: This week I want to talk to you about how you can reduce the interpersonal strife in your personal life and professional life by 50%. How do you do that? You get clear about the boundaries you have or need. For example, in my neighborhood there is a home that is getting ready for […]

THE Most Powerful Leadership Tool You Have

Notes The most powerful leadership tool you have available is asking a question. I know that sounds simplistic or even trite, but you have to know those you lead, and you get to know people by asking them questions about what’s important to them. If you ask an employee what’s important to them you may […]