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People Skills - How It Works

People Skills provides the skills and strategies to enable individuals to work together successfully. People Skills emphasizes the importance of building trust, respect and commitment to common goals. Through our one-day or two-day workshop, you will learn how to build upon your strengths and how to tap into the knowledge and skills of others, especially people with whom you have a difficult time getting along. People Skills will help you discover techniques for responding to conflict and creating a win-win outcome.

Results for Your Team

Our People Skills Workshops produce immediate results, for both leaders and team members.


  1. are able to successfully identify a person’s preferred communication style faster and more effectively establish a valued peer relationship;
  2. are able to positively influence key constituents during challenging and demanding times;
  3. accelerate their communication effectiveness, and in turn their leadership and team performance in complex and bureaucratic environments;
  4. are able to more effectively deal with conflict;
  5. are equipped to accelerate growth and innovation.


  1. are capable of fully optimizing the natural talents and skills of employees;
  2. build greater credibility and positive influence;
  3. secure greater levels of commitment versus compliance;
  4. have improved delegation skills.

Five Ways to Apply People Skills Today

Tasks vs. People: Every item on your to-do list involves, impacts and influences others.
3 tips to influence others positively:

Self Interests: Are you communicating your interests or those of your customers?
3 methods to create buy-in:

Relationships as a Strategic Asset: The “5th P” of marketing is People.
12 steps for creating strategic relationships:

“That’s not the way I see it”: Or how to throw a wrench into your effectiveness with people.
3 suggestions to improve your clarity in communication:

Words Matter: Don’t forget the power of words over individual and team performance.
3 ways to make the most of your words:

People Skills Case Study

Recently, the IT department of a global non-profit was hindered by a lack of clarity regarding expectations and personal communication preferences, resulting in unmet expectations and high levels of frustration. Find out how a custom People Skills workshop with Claris taught participants how to positively influence other team members.

People Skills Article

What You Heard May Not Be What I Said: The Power of Language to Achieve or Subvert
Organizational Performance

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