Case Study

Global Non-Profit Seeks to Improve Interpersonal Communication & Team Effectiveness within IT


The IT department of this global non-profit was traditional in that the level of technical expertise was considerably greater than the level of people and communication expertise. While not “broken”, the department was hindered by a lack of clarity regarding expectations and personal communication preferences, resulting in unmet expectations and high levels of frustration. The leader of IT recognized that performance would increase when each team member understood the behavior preferences of other team members.


Build a business case with IT professionals for content they saw as “soft” and “touchy feely” and begin to link IT performance improvement to the development of “People Skills”. This required team members to want to learn how to situationally, temporarily, and purposefully modify their behavior in order to get more accomplished.


Hugh worked with a planning committee to customize the delivery of a 2 day communication class that focused on experiential learning and role playing. Hugh developed mini-experiential learning exercises that allowed class participants to learn in real time what they needed to do more of, less of, and how to positively influence other team members.


“Bar none, this was the best management training I have ever been to in 15+ years of management. Great involvement of the students and great interactions”.