Case Study

Financial Services Institution Seeks to Eliminate Dissention and Misaligned Organizational Priorities


A seventy-five year old financial institution with half a billion dollars in assets was poised to capitalize on rapid industry consolidation and strong brand equity. At the most senior level, leadership was characterized by dissention and mixed messages regarding strategic planning issues.

While there was exhibited commitment and passion for the mission and purpose, the Board Chair was concerned about the senior leadership’s ability to execute on the necessary innovation and growth initiatives to accelerate the accomplishment of the company’s goals.

After two failed attempts to create a collaborative and innovative culture, the Board Chair retained Hugh Blane to position senior leadership for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Provide a practical, effective and safe environment for senior leadership to build higher levels of trust, enhance the level of commitment and clarity regarding strategic planning issues, and provide a tangible method for addressing conflict.


Prior to a planned executive retreat, Hugh developed the following:

  1. Specific behavioral recommendations to improve team cohesion.
  2. Developed actionable recommendations to accelerate growth and innovation.
  3. Identified three specific gaps between stated values and exhibited behavior.

During two executive retreats, Hugh used what he learned from his interviews and team assessments as a catalyst to create a deeper sense of urgency and commitment to strategic diversity. Senior leadership found the retreats informative, impactful and immediately beneficial.


According to the Chief Executive Officer: “We’ve never had this level of clarity regarding our strategic intent and goals before. Hugh was able to hold everyone accountable in a respectful manner and allowed us to walk out with something truly remarkable”.