Are you Living A Porsche Or A Prius Life?

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I am a visual person. Once I see something I want, need or would find enjoyable I hit the gas and go get it. Some things take longer to get though and require the virtues of focus, discipline and perseverance. This picture is of one such area in my life that requires these virtues.
This is a 1/18th scale 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 4.0 and has the following specifications:

0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds
0 to 120 in less than 12 seconds
A redline-limited top speed of 193 mph

I’m not certain I want this particular car, but I am certain that an assertively tuned, high performance and stunningly beautiful mode of transportation is what I want. Regardless of whether you want to drive a high performance sports car or a Prius, the point I want to make is twofold.

1. The moment you see and claim the future you want you accelerate toward it.

2. Far too many people are content to take a leisurely drive in the country toward their ideal life. There is no guarantee you will have tomorrow, so if you want something create a plan for getting it and savoring it now.

You’ll notice the car door in my picture is open. I did that on purpose. The invitation to higher performance, greater satisfaction and a joyous and thrilling life awaits you. But the question is whether you are willing to open the door and step into that possibility.

I am. Are you?

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