Five Promises Transformational Leaders Make

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There are five promises transformational leaders make. They are:

1. Promises to yourself

2. Promises to your employees

3. Promises to your customers

4. Promises to your boss and senior leaders

5. Promises to your family and friends

Here are a few examples of powerful promises from my coaching work you can use as a catalyst for making promises that are important to you.

1. Promises to yourself: I promise that regardless of the demands I’ll face on the Baxter project, I will exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00am for sixty minutes. I will also eat healthfully three times per week by myself and use that time to recharge, refocus, and renew my enthusiasm for the project.

2. Promises to your employees: I promise that I will lead the charge with the team to focus equally on what we as a team are doing well, as well as what we need to improve. This will not be rote or simply a to-do item on my list, but rather a promise to keep you focused on the positive work you’re accomplishing.

3. Promises to your customers: I promise as my primary goal to make your lives easier. I will ask for your feedback and your advice as to how we’re doing and I promise to take action on your advice. I will tell you what I heard, what I can do differently, and when you expect to see it.

4. Promises to your boss and senior leaders: I promise to never bring you problems without solutions unless I’m at a loss for what to do. I also promise to respectfully and purposefully disagree with you in private and support you in public.

5. Promises to your family and friends: I promise to have dinner with you twice a week at 6:30pm and to have my smartphone out of arm’s reach while we are eating dinner. You are important to me and while my time is constrained I promise to make the time we have together the highest quality time possible.

Each of these five areas need to be addressed by you in order to be seen and known as a person of integrity. Promises to yourself without promises to others is self-absorbed and communicates that you are the most important person in the relationship. Promises to others without corresponding promises to oneself leads to victimization and martyrdom.

What promises will you make and to whom?

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