Are You In The Fast Lane To Success?

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Are we there yet? That’s a common question heard repeatedly by parents traveling with small children. The children are so excited to arrive at what they believe will be the most enjoyable and fun destination of their short lives, they impatiently ask “are we there yet?”

As adults we too can become impatient about arriving at our desired destinations and we lose sight of the barriers holding us back from going full speed ahead. For some of my California client’s traffic congestion is a barrier, but for the vast majority of people accelerating towards what they want or need is mental.

Accelerating toward your destination of choice doesn’t happen simply because you want it to happen. You have to address five key areas: your strategy, how good you are at execution, how you deploy your talent, your mindset and leadership.

Today I want to address mindset by sharing an example of how mindset can be an accelerator or a brake for your performance.

A client emailed me to review a decision he made regarding postponing an internal project for 90 – 120 days because he felt “the timing wasn’t right.” After our call he realized two mission critical things about arriving at his decision.

  1. You Cannot Take Your Foot Off The Accelerator

In today’s world of work there is no longer a pause period after a period of exertion. It’s gone. We live and work in a world with a constant pressure to grow. In very real and pragmatic terms he could no longer win with customers by exerting himself and then resting. Why? Because there is an unending expectation from customers for him to provide higher quality, lower prices, faster turnaround times and better terms. With customers, he realized that taking his foot off the accelerator would lead to him getting passed by his competition.

  1. His Focus Drives His Results:

He also realized that he too frequently focused on what he cannot do rather than what he can do. Yes, he has lots going on as we all do, but when he focuses on what he cannot do he’s already falling behind. He realized the desire to postpone was a form of procrastination as well as avoiding the challenges he would have with the corresponding growth of the new project. By shifting to what he could do he could remain in a state of continual progress and growth.

In our phone call he realized he didn’t need to delay the project, but rather learn how to be successful and flourish in this new world of work. He couldn’t turn back time and have work be as it was 5 – 10 years ago, (more predictable and less chaotic) and said out loud, “I need to hit the accelerator and embrace this new world of work. I need to welcome the discomfort because this is where I will grow the fastest. And this whole mindset thing Hugh, it’s a game changer.”

Yes, mindset is a game changer. The rate of speed you’re making toward your desired future is a function of your strategy, how well you execute, the talent you have, your leadership and yes, your mindset. Is your foot on the accelerator of each area? Are you focused on what you can do versus what you can’t?

If you’re not, read my Mastering Your Mindset Special Report and read Habit #2 and #7 and the 3rd success strategy for both habits. They will help you accelerate faster without spinning your wheels. You can download it here.

If you’d like to learn how to hit the accelerator for yourself individually, as a team or organization, drop me a line and I’ll bring you up to speed.

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