Are You Drowning In A Sea of Sameness?

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Macy’s is closing 100 stores this quarter and their CEO says their problem is that they are “drowning in a sea of sameness.” For Macy’s there is nothing distinctive and valuable about shopping with them. Other retailers offer the same merchandise from the same equally disinterested sales personnel and don’t enthuse customers about their shopping experience.

Are you distinctive and differentiated in the eyes of your customers? Here’s how you’ll know. You are if you can answer a resounding yes to the following questions:

  1. Are you hearing a compelling yes from customers about your ability to make their lives better?
  1. Do customers see you as instrumental to making their lives more successful, profitable, enjoyable or easier?
  1. Do your customers refer their family, friends or colleagues to you with enthusiasm?
  1. Are you offering the same merchandise as your competitors?
  1. What makes you distinctive, memorable, enjoyable to work with, compelling and for goodness sake, valuable to your customer?

If you are not distinctive, differentiated and valuable you are going to drown in a sea of sameness just like Macy’s. If you don’t take time to answer the questions above there’s only one thing left to say. Grab a life preserver!


  1. After I discovered a new therapy and published supportive clinical trials, I learned more about adoption than any remarkable scientific discovery could ever teach. A rheumatologist I’d never met, except at a medical meeting, told me years later what he needed to hear- and it wasn’t from my lecture. I had casually mentioned in the hall that the advance had made my life so much easier. Never saw that coming. It wasn’t the science; it was how it affected doctors applying it. I never forgot that.

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