Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

The Five Strategies I Use To Accomplish More In Less Time With Less Stress And Greater Enjoyment I have a lot of priorities. I have client projects, writing for my blog and book, business development responsibilities, creating online courses for Claris University and acting as the head chef and on site general contractor of our […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

When striving to accomplish a goal there is a tremendous benefit in asking the right questions. The benefit can be as simple as getting directions. Having directions allows us to drive directly and less stressfully to the restaurant where we’re having dinner with friends. The benefit can also be more complex as when we articulate […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

When something that is helpful, beneficial or desired is undertaken, barriers or obstacles pop up to test our commitment to the goal. To overcome these obstacles shifting from one mindset to another is crucial. There are nine mindset shifts you need to make in order to be more effective. They are: Hugh’s 9 Mindset Shifts […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Heightened Expectations Organizations are continually choosing between one of two paths regarding growth and financial wellbeing. They are either choosing to raise the bar and move beyond the safe, known and secure in order to achieve memorable experiences for their customers, or, they are choosing to maintaining the status quo and rely on what has […]

The Four Reasons Why People Get Stuck (part 2)

Today’s post is a continuation from yesterday’s about why people get stuck. 3. Inertia: The third reason why people get stuck is because of inertia. Inertia from a management consulting perspective is best characterized as blindly continuing to repeat a task, process, or behavior because you’ve been successful in the past doing so. Inertia at […]

It just won’t go away…

…the “It” I’m referring to is cancer. Cancer has been an all too frequent and unwelcome visitor in the lives of my family and friends. Five of my fathers brothers and sisters died of cancer; my former business partner, Linda Russell Callecod, is a breast cancer survivor; my friend Fred survived prostrate cancer, my sister […]

Monday Morning Minute 09-19-2011

The Law of Diminishing Returns

I was forwarded a video today from a colleague in Washington by the name of Seth Kahan. The video explains research conducted by the Franklin Covey Company on how successful teams are when it comes to achieving their strategic objectives. After interviewing thousands of teams they discovered the Law of Diminishing Returns. Specifically, the number […]

Monday Morning Minute for July 4th, 2011

Changing The Course of Human Events

This morning over breakfast I realized my friend Robert was accomplishing something truly extraordinary…he wouldn’t call what he does extraordinary, but I do. Robert is a chapter advisor for his fraternity; a fraternity he’s been a member of for close to thirty years. Long gone are the days of seeing his fraternity solely as a […]