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The Six Hour Strategy Session

In last weeks Monday Morning Mindset I asked what the number one question you wanted to have answered was. The first question I received came from Peter Marks. He asked: “I want to know if I have the right organizational strategy. It’s a very competitive market for us now and I want to know if […]

What’s Your #1 Most Pressing Question?

  I spoke with several CEOs and entrepreneurs last week and asked what I thought was a good question, but that in hindsight turned out to be a fabulous question. I asked, “what is the one question you have about your work, business or personal life that has yet to be answered successfully for you?” […]

Growth Requires Being Comfortable With Feeling Uncomfortable

We all have a comfort zone, a place where things are known, safe, and predictable. However, remaining in our comfort can become the greatest inhibitor to accelerated performance. Without the discomfort of learning something new and growing beyond our current capabilities, we will not experience the greatest rewards possible. I recently spoke with a client […]

Are You In The Fast Lane To Success?

Are we there yet? That’s a common question heard repeatedly by parents traveling with small children. The children are so excited to arrive at what they believe will be the most enjoyable and fun destination of their short lives, they impatiently ask “are we there yet?” As adults we too can become impatient about arriving […]