Archives for November 2016

How I lost my mind and then found it

On Tuesday of last week we traveled to Rhode Island to meet with my mentor, Alan Weiss. We came to discuss our hopes, aspirations and plans for my business in 2017. There was one problem. I didn’t show up. I was physically present, but mentally I wasn’t there. What happened? The night before our meeting […]

Are You A Cost Center Or A Profit Center?

Are you seen as a cost center to be minimized or profit center to be maximized? That’s a pithy question, but it’s also a very powerful question. Cost centers are minimized because they don’t produce a lot of value. Profit centers get additional investments because leaders know that an extra $100,000 given to a particular […]

How To Create A Culture of Courageousness

This week I want to talk about the number one strategy for creating a courageous culture. I was leading the Mastering Your Mindset Intensive webinar today and one of the questions asked was: “how do you promote, coerce, or condition yourself to move outside of your comfort zone and do something that might be labelled […]

The Ideal Perspective To View Your Results

I want to talk to you about the optimal way to look at your results. We’ve been trained to look at our results as good or bad, right or wrong. This is a very binary approach that I don’t think is the right one. I believe it leads to judgement and harsh criticism, and most […]