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Your Goals Are Eroding Your Performance

This week I want to talk about why your goals are eroding your performance. Is that possible? It is. The number one reason why your goals are eroding your performance is that you’ve divorced your goals from a purpose. We’ve gotten confused about the difference between goals and purpose. The vast majority of people are […]

The Power of The Word Because

The word because is a powerful word. We do things “because” they provide a benefit or value. We choose to live in the neighborhood we do because of its proximity to schools for example, or we drive the car we do because of the fuel economy, reliability or horsepower. We are also in relationships or […]

A Leaders Most Powerful Words All Begin with The Letter “I”

When you were in grade school, did you ever hear “hey four eyes!?” It was an exclamation yelled by an insensitive or cruel kid to another kid wearing glasses. It was supposed to be funny, but ended up being hurtful to a kid who was insecure and uncomfortable wearing glasses. But there are four eyes […]

Mastering Your Mindset Intensive Registration

Just a quick reminder that the Mastering Your Mindset Intensive registration closes today at midnight PST. The current pricing of the Intensive increases by $200.00 on Tuesday morning. You can register using this link. I have been asked for a tool to measure mindset. If you’ve asked yourself about your mindset and whether a Mindset […]

Taking Out The Trash

Every Tuesday at eight o’clock in the morning, Waste Management comes and removes our trash. When I saw the trash being removed today I thought that there is not a chance I would leave the trash inside our house because it would be unsanitary, it would stink up the rest of the house and it […]