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The Power of Community

On an early morning flight from Los Angeles to Augusta, Georgia I met Bert Sackman. Bert is an eighty-three year old retired mathematician and cultural anthropologist. He introduced himself by remarking that the shirt I was wearing reminded him of the musical Oklahoma. This is not the best way to engage me after getting up […]

Three Dimensions of a Leaders Purpose

Whenever I recommend having a leadership purpose to leaders the question will always come around to how will the leader know their purpose is a good one. My quick answer is that it will be three dimensional. The three dimensions of a compelling purpose are: It determines a leaders behavior. You’ll know you have a […]

Why You Need A Coach

When I was twenty-five years of age I was hired for a big new job and I thought I was the big guy on campus. I went out and purchased new clothes, found a new apartment and even purchased a new car. I really thought I had made it. Within ninety days of being on […]