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What Beliefs and Perceptions Have to Do with Behavior

Oftentimes, we look at someone’s behavior that’s different from our own and say, “that’s bad behavior or I don’t like their behavior.” When we judge someone’s behavior as less desirable than our own we create a barrier between the other person. This barrier reduces our leadership influence and effectiveness. When you are a leader or […]

6 Steps to Getting Clear

Clarity is essential to improved performance. Leaders and teams must have clarity about the objectives to be achieved, the methods for achieving the objectives and whose responsible for driving progress toward the objectives. Without this level of clarity progress is stalled. This came to mind after several interesting conversations last week. One conversation involved being […]

Converting A “I want a deal” Mindset To A “I want The Highest Value” Mindset

Do you have a “looking for a deal” mindset or a “looking for value” mindset? I was involved in a conversation the other day where someone asked my wife about purchasing a standup paddle board, and if by attending an event she recommended they could get a good deal. This conversation piqued my interest because […]

The 3 Strategies For Cultivating a Flourishing Mindset

This is a wonderfully clear purified glass of water that just came from my water purification system in my kitchen. This is a glass of water that is filthy dirty. If I were to host you and offer you these two water choices, which would you choose? You’re going to choose the clear purified water. […]

What You Tell Yourself Matters More Than What Others Tell You

There is one idea I want all of my coaching clients to understand and own. It is that: “What you tell yourself is of far more importance than what others tell you.” You see, what happens in between your ears is incredibly important. It’s so important that I wrote the Mastering Your Mindset special report […]