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Taking Stock of Your Human Capital

This week I want to talk to you about taking stock of your human capital. The best way for me to do this Monday Morning Mindset is to show you a bottle of Westland single malt whiskey. This is an American craft single malt whiskey I learned of yesterday while on a tour with the […]

Leadership Crunches

This week I want to talk to you about “leadership crunches.” When you think of crunches you will likely think about sit-ups and planks; the exercises we do to have a strong core. The value we gain from doing crunches comes in the form of a stronger back and a flatter stomach. But, crunches cannot […]

Driven to Distraction

This week I want to talk about being driven to distraction. It is without reservation that the majority of executives and entrepreneurs are driven to distraction. I’ve started to notice I have clients, colleagues and family members that when we are together their phones are not only close by but also frequently checked.  I have […]

9 simple strategies for living a more rewarding and enriching day

I like to keep things simple. When I overthink and overcomplicate things I feel bad about myself and I accomplish less. I’ve learned the hard way that simplicity is my best strategy for progress and satisfaction. If you ever feel the same way, I have nine strategies for creating a more rewarding and enriching day. […]

Does Your Project Matter?

Photo courtesy of iStock Photo Unfortunately, projects have earned a bad rap lately. Some projects are cumbersome and lumbering. They involve people who view the project as a time suck and in turn lack the creativity and enthusiasm for doing meaningful work. Or, projects can be a vehicle for doing meaningful, fun and transformational work. […]

The Three Steps For Working Twice As Fast

This week I want to talk to you about how you can double the speed in which you accomplish your most strategic priorities. Would you like to do that? Or, stated another way, would you like to do things in half the amount of time? If you want to do that, there are four things […]