Archives for March 2016

The Three Most Common Negative Thinking Habits

I’m releasing an eBook entitled, “Mastering Your Mindset: Nine Negative Habits that Hold Executives Back and How to Break Them for Accelerated Business Performance. It will be available within the next 30 days, but today I want to talk about three of them. The three I’ll discuss are very common in our world of work […]

Love in the World of Work

What is the one thing people want more than anything else? If you watched my Monday Morning Mindset from four weeks ago you will know the answer. It is to be valued, cared for and loved. I’ve talked about infusing the word “love” into the world of work. Love really is important, but it is […]

How To Lead Personal and Professional Transformations

This week I want to talk with you about individual and organizational transformations. As you can see here from my flipchart, I have spared no expense…none whatsoever, with visual aids this week. I believe we all want to transform something. It may be ourselves, our work, our spouses, children or communities. Whatever it may be […]

The Three Strategies To Monitor Your Performance

This week I want to ask you about “how” you are performing at work. I’m going to ask this question through the lens of someone who is a former triathlete. One of the things I learned quickly in triathlons is that I need to know how I am performing in the three different sports. For […]