Archives for February 2016

Why Weak Leaders Attract Weak Employees

Why would a weak employee be attracted to a weak leader? It’s really quite simple. When an employee does not feel good about themselves, when they have low levels of self esteem or self worth, when they are not challenging themselves to pursue what they are capable of accomplishing, they are attracted to weak leaders […]

Be Brief – Be Succinct – Be Effective

This week I want to talk to you about being brief, cutting to the chase, being succinct. I was in a meeting this week that reminded me of the benefits of being brief. Imagine seven people in a room making introductions to one another as they had not met each other before. I was asked […]

Love Is A Catalyst For Great Performance

This week I want to talk to you about love. Love is a simple four letter word that some people don’t equate with work, but I think you should. Yesterday was Valentines Day, a day we celebrate the loved ones in our life. We may celebrate by taking people out to dinner or cooking for […]

The One Strategy For A Flourishing Mindset

This week I want to talk to you about the one strategy to have a flourishing mindset. Just one, really? What could be the “One” strategy you can implement to have a flourishing mindset? It’s really pretty simple. It is simple in construct but it can be harder to implement because it’s challenging in today’s […]

Mindset is not just for athletes, academics and cave dwelling mystics

Having a positive mindset allows you to be significantly more successful in virtually any endeavor you choose to participate in. If you bring a positive mindset to your leadership, you will infuse stronger beliefs about what is possible, instill hope that the work you and others undertake will be beneficial and create optimism about the […]