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Why We As Americans Need A More Global Perspective

Last week I attended a lecture about Syria and the Middle East. The lecture was delivered by Rev. David Nazar, SJ who was recently appointed by Pope Francis to be the Rector of The Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. The Oriental is a Catholic funded University that teaches Eastern Christianity to people of all faiths […]

Say Hello To The Monday Morning Mindset

Wait, did you just say the Monday Morning Mindset? Yes, I did. I’m changing the name of the Monday Morning Minute to the Monday Morning Mindset and I’m doing so for two reasons. One, I haven’t done a Monday Morning Minute in a minute in quite some time. I just find the construct of doing […]

The Five Strategies For Making Faster and More Effective Decisions

Almost everyday, I work with leaders who make complex and important decisions in increasingly nuanced and demanding environments. What interferes with them making the most effective decisions is two fold. It is the leaders schedule which is oftentimes filled with back to back meetings, and more importantly it is a lack of a clear framework […]

Why Consensus is Killing Your Performance

Notes: This week we are going to talk about why consensus is killing your performance. Let’s define consensus: in the world of work consensus means we make sure everybody is in agreement about the solution to a problem before moving forward. The only problem with consensus is that it kills your performance. Why? Because consensus […]

The Antidote To Thinking Small

Notes This week I want to talk to you about the antidote to thinking small. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not mince any words…when you think small, you perform small. When you think bigger, you perform bigger. When you think bigger, you have bigger results. The antidote is really quite simple. Read the biographies of people […]

The Vacuum of People Skills and How To Fill It

Have you ever met, talked with or interacted with someone who after really, really frustrating you you wanted to punch them out? We all have. When you consider all of the factors that frustrate you about working with others you will undoubtedly find that it is their behavior and the corresponding way they make you […]

Three Strategies For Creating Your Best Year Ever

Notes: Let me start by wishing you a belated by “Happy New Year!” I hope your holidays have been both enjoyable and rewarding. This week I want to talk to you about your best year ever. Can you imagine your best year ever? What would that look like for you? If having 2016 become your […]