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Happy New Year!

Notes: It is December 28th, and we are 3 days away from wishing each other a Happy New Year. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make the suggestion that you do not declare any new year resolutions this year. You and I both know what happens when we declare a resolution. Within a few short […]

Happy Holidays!

Notes: This Monday it’s December 21st, 2015. Seven days ago Hanukkah ended, and in four days we will celebrate Christmas. Now at this time of year our faith traditions tell us to slow down and to immerse ourselves in the mystery and gratitude that the season holds. For me there is a wonderful joyous nature […]

The 3 Reasons Why Your Learning Initiatives Fail

I’ve seen first hand the successes and failures organizations experience when they try and learn new ways of doing things. All too often there are more failures than successes. Why? The number one reason is that in a world of do more, do it better, faster and cheaper, it is hard to push through from […]

The 3 Strategies For Delighting Your Customers

I attended a meeting this week at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island. The Castle Hill Inn is a prestigious high end hotel my mentor, Alan Weiss, has raved about. When Alan raves about a product or service I look forward to experiencing it as he has superb taste. When I arrived the […]

Be Distinct or Be Extinct

My old boss, Tom Peters, had a great quip about leadership and branding. He said, be distinct or be extinct. He makes a great point. If there is nothing distinctive about what you do, about the results you achieve and how you help your organization perform, then at some point you will be extinct. As […]

The 3 Steps To Taming Your Calendar

The world of work for many of the readers of my blog has become overwhelming. It became evident in my recent blog survey where readers unanimously said they were experiencing the following: 1. A never ending to-do list that leaves them overwhelmed, overworked and feeling unproductive. 2. Not enough time to think clearly about how […]