Archives for November 2015

Managing Your Leadership Message

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about managing your leadership message. Ladies and gentlemen, every day, by the words that we use and the actions we take, we are communicating a message to the people that matter most to us. Whether it’s our family, an employee, a key stakeholder, a shareholder or […]

Why You As A Leader Must Discriminate

Notes: This week I want to suggest that you need to discriminate more. Not discriminate against a person, or race, a religion or ethnicity. Oh no, au contraire. I suggest you discriminate toward higher performance. If you don’t discriminate toward higher performance you accept and tolerate lower performance. This is a mindset shift ladies and […]

Are You A Human Doing Or A Human Being?

Notes: This week I want to ask you…are you a human doing, or are you a human being? That question is designed to tee up a fascinating subject which is: the vast majority of employees and leaders I come in contact with feel overwhelmed. They feel that they have too much to do and far […]

The Three Percentages Successful Leaders Use To Drive Performance

Notes: This week I want to share with you the three percentages all successful leaders use. They are: 1%, 100%, 0%. Let me put some meat on the bones. The 1% Rule. The 1% rule is that you can get 1% better each day and by doing so be 1% better tomorrow then you were […]

Are You Working To Prove Yourself Or Improve Yourself?

There are two types of people we have all worked with, lived with and or done business with. One type of person is rooted in the past and prefers to walk the well worn path of the known, the safe and the predictable. When something new comes along and they don’t know how to handle […]

Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To

Notes: This week I want to suggest you pay attention to what you pay attention to. No, this is not a riddle from Batman, this is an admonition that what we tend to pay attention to is that which is known, safe and predictable. We pay attention to those things that allow us to feel […]