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Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

Get Really Nervous When I Hand You Light Weights I am a physically active individual. I’ve been physically active since I was seven years old when I started playing soccer, and I’ve done several half-ironman distance triathlons. In turn, I get an excellent bill of health from my doctor at my annual physicals. But I’ve […]

THE Most Powerful Leadership Tool You Have

Notes The most powerful leadership tool you have available is asking a question. I know that sounds simplistic or even trite, but you have to know those you lead, and you get to know people by asking them questions about what’s important to them. If you ask an employee what’s important to them you may […]

You Have To Go Slower In Order To Go Faster

There is a wonderful quote by the Formula One race car driver, Mario Andretti. He said, “If everything feels like it’s under control your simply not going fast enough.” The world of work has sped up in appreciable ways. Many of my clients lament that they feel as though they are hurtling themselves from one […]

How To Increase Your Goal Accomplishment By 50%

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about how you can increase your goal accomplishment by 50%. One of the things I am fascinated about is the research that’s happening in neuroscience and how the brain works. Specifically, that there are really two different parts of our brains; one that’s very good with […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

I attended a business meeting this morning where James Murray of Business Cloud Services talked about IT security and its importance for profitability to small and medium sized businesses. He presented compelling, germane and valuable information that reminded me of the three secrets to effective presentations. 1. Compelling presentations start with the results accomplished. Far […]

Why Focusing On Success Is Making You Unsuccessful

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about why focusing on success will make you unsuccessful. It’s counterintuitive, but true. I know from personal experience. I will admit that in the early part of my career I was hyper-focused on success. What ended up happening was my success became the driving force of […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

Belief. What we believe about ourselves and those around us influences us in significant ways. This belief led Henry Ford to say “whether you think you can, or you can’t, your right.” For me, I don’t believe I will ever play in the NFL or NBA and I am 100% confident that I’m 100% right […]

Labor Day 2015

Each year on the first Monday in September, we take a vacation day to celebrate the history of labor and the contributions workers have made in service of our country. I do believe that all of us who work; who labor, make a contribution. Some contributions seem to make a bigger impact, but I’m convinced […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

When striving to accomplish a goal there is a tremendous benefit in asking the right questions. The benefit can be as simple as getting directions. Having directions allows us to drive directly and less stressfully to the restaurant where we’re having dinner with friends. The benefit can also be more complex as when we articulate […]