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Your Lack of Response Is A Response

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about why your lack of response is a response. I am stunned by the amount of email that some of my clients get. It can be overwhelming. I know these people to be good, caring leaders who want to make a difference and who want to […]

The Vacuum of People Skills and How To Fill It

Have you ever met, talked with or interacted with someone who really, really frustrated you? We all have. When you consider all of the factors that frustrate you about working with others you will undoubtedly find that it is their behavior and the corresponding way they make you feel that is the issue. When someone’s […]

Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die

Leaders who are successful in converting human potential into accelerated results willingly and purposefully make nonnegotiable promises to customers, employees, bosses and vendors. They see promises as part and parcel of being accountable for the experiences key constituents. This is essential in building a flourishing business. Making a declaration as to what a leader can […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

In my new book, Mastering The Leadership Mindset, I have a chapter entitled: Mindset is not just for athletes, academics and mystics. In it I make the case for investing time, resources and energy into your mindset. Here’s my take on mindsets. Having a positive mindset allows you to be significantly more successful in virtually […]

The Most Important Decision You’ll Make Today

Notes: Today I want to talk to you about the most important decision you’ll make today. The most important decision you will make today is a bifurcated choice: turn left or right. If you turn left you’re going to do something today to bring out the very best in others. If you turn right you […]

Are You Listening to Yourself?

Notes: This week I want to ask you an important question…are you listening to yourself? Are you listening to the dialog you have taking place in between your ears? You and I both know there’s an angel on one shoulder giving wonderful praise and recognition for the smart, talented, and creative person we are. On […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

Breakthrough Thinking Precedes Breakthrough Performance There is one inescapable fact in the world of human performance. When breakthroughs in the quality of a persons thinking mirrors the quality breakthroughs experienced in areas such as healthcare and or technology, then breakthrough performance results. Hugh’s Words of Wisdom: You can have all the talent in the world […]