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How to Say No While Actually Saying Yes

Notes: Today I want to share with you how you can say no, by actually saying yes. There are times when having very clear boundaries and saying no to someone is important. And rather than just saying “NO, I’m not going to do that,” I’m going to give you a tool that I call the […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

The customer is NOT always right. When I order coffee at Starbucks I overhear orders that sometimes have five or more instructions. For example, “I’ll have a grande, decaf, skinny latte, with two pumps of sugar free rasberry syrup at 185 degrees with no foam.” This seems like overkill to me, but Starbucks wants their […]

Listen to Understand and Not Respond

Notes: This week I want to talk to you about listening to understand as opposed to listening to respond. Listening to understand is an influencing tool or technique I think is incredibly powerful. Let me ask you this. Do you think that the vast majority of people are listening to understand you, or are they […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

Leaders feel they are falling behind. They’ve taken the corporate mantra of do more, do it better, do it faster and cheaper to heart. They’ve increased the expectations they have of themselves and their teams and in turn increased their efforts in order to be successful. But increased effort isn’t the answer. It isn’t the […]

Never Underestimate The Transformative Power of Enthusiasm

Video Notes: This week I want to talk to you about “Never Underestimating The Transformative Power of Enthusiasm.” I was on vacation two weeks ago in Walla Walla playing golf with my good friend Scott May. Scott if you’re watching, I’m going to talk about you and golf. Scott loves golf. I think he may […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom

There is a simple admonition about becoming successful that we all need reminding of from time to time. Successful people do things that unsuccessful people don’t. The people who have achieved something noteworthy or inspiring have a set of beliefs and behaviors that allow them to be successful. Identifying what specifically successful people do and […]

Two Truths of Leadership

Video Notes: This week I want to talk about the two truths of leadership. The two truths about leadership are: When in your professional or personal life you see things you don’t like or find unsatisfactory, one of two things has happened: you either created the situation or you allowed it to happen. For example, […]

Hugh’s Weekly Words of Wisdom

There are three questions that are central to being successful at work. These three questions are deceptively simple, but carry powerful insights into the nature of your work. 1. What are you doing? This question ferrets out two important aspects of work. Does the role and responsibilities of your work excite, engage and use your […]

Declaring Your Independence From Negative Thinking

Video Notes: This is the Monday Morning Minute after the celebration in the United States of our Independence. Our independence from Great Britain 239 years ago. 239 years ago, thirteen colonies said they no longer wanted to be under the thumb of Great Britain. They wanted to be independent. As I went through our weekend, […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

All too often people think in terms of what’s not working as opposed to what’s working. They see the proverbial glass as being half empty as opposed to half full and expect the worst will happen. There are nine negative consequences to this type of thinking. 1. Our mindset shifts to playing not to lose […]