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The Five Minutes That Leads To Accelerated Performance

Video Notes: This week I want to talk to you about the five minutes that lead to accelerated performance. Five minutes can lead to accelerated performance? Yes! Let me tell you why. The five minutes that leads to accelerated performance is the five minutes you spend every day identifying where fear and anxiety resides in […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Today is my 56th birthday. As I do on each of my birthdays I take an inventory of the last year and look for areas to celebrate. What I found exciting is seeing that my beliefs are more fully being acted on than they were in previous years. How did that happen? It’s quite simple. […]

Why A Positive Mindset Produces Positive Results

  After 25+ years in consulting and coaching I’ve found that the most successful and positive people I’ve worked with have a compelling purpose for their personal and professional life. A belief that acknowledges that thoughts and feelings influence their behavior, and that through their own choosing, they can be a purveyor of positive, uplifting, […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

People believe the message when they believe the messenger. Believability is everything Believability is the pinnacle of leadership development efforts. When people listen to and believe what a leader says the person listening is more likely to take positive action that’s aligned with the leaders direction. When people act in accordance with a leaders message, […]

Choosing Between Ability or Effort

Video Notes: Ladies and gentlemen, if you had to choose between ability and effort in a new employee, or in a whether to give someone a promotion, which would you choose? If you had a choice about who to give a promotion to and you had two candidates to choose from which would you choose? […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Whenever teams or individuals considering doing a project there is a tendency to think about the project with a fixed / stable mindset as opposed to an exploratory / growth mindset. When projects are undertaken utilizing a fixed / stable mindset the benefits and value derived are less than optimal and not noteworthy. To ensure […]

The One Person You Need In Your Life

Video Notes: This week I want to talk about the one person you need in your life. There’s one person that for me has been the biggest blessing I’ve ever received, and that came when I married Alyson Sharron eleven years ago. Last Friday was our eleventh anniversary, we celebrated with a dinner at home […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

When something that is helpful, beneficial or desired is undertaken, barriers or obstacles pop up to test our commitment to the goal. To overcome these obstacles shifting from one mindset to another is crucial. There are nine mindset shifts you need to make in order to be more effective. They are: Hugh’s 9 Mindset Shifts […]