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Mastering Your Leadership Message

Video Notes: This week I want to talk to you about mastering your leadership message. I’m going to do a shout out at the very beginning of this Monday Morning Minute to my friend and colleague Brian Walter. Brian shared with me his five aspects of leadership messaging ten, twenty or thirty years ago and […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

If you want to flourish personally or professionally there are three aspects of doing so that need to be understood and taken responsibility for. They are your experiences, your mindset and your behavior. Experiences: The experiences you have can be positive or negative. They can be out of your control or in your control, and […]

5 Reasons Why Taking Shortcuts Shortchanges You

Video Notes: You are all very busy. You go from one meeting to another and you have senior leaders breathing down you necks saying, “do more, do it better, do it faster, do it cheaper”. Amidst the busyness of your everyday work life the appeal of taking a shortcut can be alluring. But, I want […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I spent this morning with Frank Neumayer. Frank is a champion Trap and Skeet instructor and is the man I sought out when I wanted to learn how to shoot. For those of you who don’t know, trap and skeet are clay discs 4.3 inches in diameter launched at speeds of up to 45 mph […]

Hugh’s Mindset Reality Check

Video Notes This week I want to do a reality check with you. Here’s what I know. 80% of the effectiveness of your workouts is mental. 80% of how you look in your clothes is mental. Really? Ladies and gentlemen, I see people go into the gym all the time and they’re there on automatic […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

What a leader says and how they say it are essential to effective executive communication. For example, yesterday I was part of a 150 person business leader luncheon where Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, spoke about the state of the economy, government oversight, and the international issues facing the banking / financial […]

Are Your Employees Having Fun At Work

Video Notes: I have a really simple question: are your employees having fun at work? You’ve heard it before, but you will never have happy customers if you have unhappy employees. Are you as a leader having fun at work? When you wake up, do you have an enthusiasm and passion that leaves you saying, […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We all run into times when we don’t do our best work. It will happen to the best of us, but what differentiates extraordinary performers from under-performers is how we respond to not performing at our best. Here are the six best strategies for recovering from a lackluster performance. 1. Take a deep breath. Most […]

Mental Sunscreen

Video Notes: This week I want to talk about mental sunscreen. I’ve had several Basil cell carcinomas removed from my face and neck and I don’t want to repeat this process. To ensure I don’t have additional surgeries I wear sunscreen. I don’t know the SPF of my sunscreen because I wear what I’m told […]