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Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Sitting in a Starbucks waiting for my wife’s car to be serviced, I overheard a conversation between a man and woman that illustrated the choice we have when dealing with adversity. The man, in his late sixties, had fallen head first and bruised his face and lost several teeth. His speech was slightly slurred as […]

Seven Steps To A Compelling Leadership Brand

One of the most beneficial activities I have my leadership coaching clients participate in is my Brand Audit. Specifically, they answer three leadership branding questions: 1. What is their default brand? 2. What is their desired brand? 3. What is their designed brand? My brand audit involves the following seven steps. Step 1. Define your […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

There is a deadly drug flowing through the halls, corridors and conference rooms of many organizations. It costs nothing monetarily to buy, but it’s cost is exceedingly high on self worth and well-being. What’s the drug? It’s the drug called approval. We all have a need to feel included or affiliated with others. For some, […]

One Word That Will Change Your Results Instantly

Video notes: This week I wanted to share with you the one word that has been the most transformative word in both my professional life and in my personal life. It’s a simple word. You’ve heard me use it before. It’s a word that I actually love using. The word is gratitude. I want to […]

The Five Reasons Mediocrity Has Crept Into Your Organization

Video notes: There are five reasons why mediocrity has crept into your organization. #1. You have the wrong metrics. I will venture a guess that if mediocrity is inside your organization you have become metric-centric. If you are metric-centric you are focusing on either financial metrics or technical metrics, but you’re not focusing on the […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

There are four questions transformational leaders need to be able to answer positively and affirmatively. They are 1–10 questions where one is low and ten is high. You won’t have to share your answers with anyone unless you choose to, so be honest. Here you go: 1. On a scale of 1 – 10 how […]