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Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We place a value on people, products and services everyday. For example: 1. The value of the service we receive from the waitress at lunch will determine her gratuity. 2. The value of the automobile we drive may be measured in reliability and driving characteristics. When these two characteristics connect in a meaningful way the […]

Five Steps to Mastering Change

Video Notes: This week I’m going to answer a viewer’s question that comes from Chris Bauman at Pepperdine University. He asked, “Hugh, how do I maintain forward progress when the senior most leader above me is in transition?” I think that is a really good question. Chris, I’ve got five suggestions for you. #1. Tell […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Take off your blinders. Blinders are used to reduce a horses peripheral vision from 180 degrees to 30 degrees.By wearing blinders horses remain focused on what’s in front of them and eliminates any distractions that come from beside or behind them. Far too many leaders and teams wear blinders in a similar fashion. They are […]

Hugh’s Formula for Increased Results

Video Notes: This week I want to share with you a formula for having increased results that I think will be really advantageous for you. It is CP + RM x T = IR. What does that mean? Well, first of all I think it looks really cool, but actually there’s a real method to […]

Hugh’s Words of Wisdom Wednesdays

I was sitting in a Top Pot Doughnut shop in downtown Seattle waiting for a colleague to join me when I noticed the window washers cleaning the twenty-five foot tall floor to ceiling windows. Since I have a neighbor who runs a successful commercial window washing company, I was intrigued by how you go about […]

Pay Attention to What You Pay Attention To

Video Notes: This week I want to talk to you about paying attention to what you pay attention to. No, this is not a Hugh Blane riddle. It is actually a really good piece of advice. Here’s what I mean by that. What you pay attention to, whether it’s an asset versus a liability, a […]

3 Steps to Getting Really Good at Something

Video Notes This week I want to talk to you about how do you get really good at something. It’s really quite simple. #1. Fall in love with an idea, hope, dream or aspiration. You cannot like something if you want to be really good at. You have to love it! You have to have […]