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Three questions that create more effective decisions

Today is August 27, 2012 and today I want to talk to you about making more effective decisions. If you want to make better and more effective decisions there are two steps you have to follow in order to do so. Step number 1: Practice the three-minute rule. If you want to make more effective […]

The two types of influence every leader must master

Today is August 20, 2012 and today I want to talk to you about two types of influence and how you can be more productive using the appropriate style of influence at the appropriate time. The first type of influence is called Expressive Influence. This style of influence is best seen as expressing facts, data, […]

Asking The Right Question

One of the best ways to build trust, respect and the credibility associated with that of a strategic advisor is to ask the right question. What is the right question? The right question is any question that leaves your customer, client, employee and or boss saying “I never thought of that before” or, “Really! That’s […]

Monday Morning Minute 08-13-2012

Today is August 13, 2012 and today I want to talk to you about having positive influence. If you want to positively influence a co-worker, family member, boss, or someone who can help or hurt your project or career, there are three important steps you have to follow. Step number 1: Build strong relationships with […]

What were you thinking?

When I hear the words “what were you thinking” I hear a parental or disapproving tone of voice. I do so because when I was in fifth grade I was asked to write a Valentines Day card to my teacher. Actually, I wasn’t asked -I was forced to write a card to my teacher. While […]

Monday Morning Minute 08-06-2012

Executive Presence: Seven Steps to Securing a Seat at The Executive Decision Making Table

One of my clients, Dr. Timothy Chester, is CIO at the University of Georgia and wrote an interesting blog post on his blog The Accidental CIO He recounted a conversation he had with the Director of Human Resources at Texas A & M University and how frustrating it was to talk with the IT director […]