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Monday Morning Minute 06.25.2012

Monday Morning Minute 06-18-2012

Ordinary or Extraordinary? It’s your choice!

As part of a keynote at Pepperdine University I asked one fundamentally important question of every leader, team member and individual contributor. It took me 20 seconds to ask the question and 59 minutes and 40 seconds to explain how to live the answer. While this is a very short video, it has lasting and […]

How do you view change?

I am always privileged whenever I’m asked to speak at Pepperdine University, and as a guest lecturer I’m privileged rather frequently. At a recent keynote I presented the five principles all leaders need to fully embrace in order to create extraordinary performance. This is a short video that asks the question…how do you view change? […]

What are your highest value producing activities?

10 Questions Ordinary People Ask In Order To Achieve Extraordinary Performance

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people; people like your neighbor, your coworker and or boss, accomplish what you see as the extraordinary? Have you ever asked yourself if you are capable of creating the extraordinary? If the answer to either question is yes, then I have some good news for you. The achievement of […]

Monday Morning Minute 06-04-2012

Defining Success

What is the one thing you want to have, do or become that would allow you to say “yes, I am a success?” Or, more succinctly, how do you define success? That was the essence of a conversation I had Wednesday with my good friend and fellow consultant Brian Walter. I met with Brian for […]