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Monday Morning Minute 1-30-2012

Waking Up

I’m not very sociable first thing in the morning. If you ask my wife she says I’m not in the land of the living until I’m half way through my second cup of tea. So when I arrived in the gym on Monday morning without my tea I was still half asleep. I was exercising […]

Monday Morning Minute 01-23-2012

Monday Morning Minute: TO-BE lists vs. TO-DO lists

Limited Visibility

We live in a hurried and impatient world. Why? This morning as I was parked on the side of the road waiting for my wife, a large dump truck drove by with a windshield partially obstructed by frost and ice. The driver, in the hopes of improving his visibility, was leaning forward to get as […]

Monday Morning Minute 01-09-2012

Profiting From Failure

I’ve spoken with a number of clients over the last two weeks and asked them this question. I’m looking for an example of how your organization, or the industry as a whole, tried something new and it didn’t work out. Actually, I’m looking for examples of how you or the industry may have gotten burned. […]

Monday Morning Minute 1-2-2012