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Monday Morning Minute 11-28-2011

Monday Morning Minute 11-21-2011

Don’t Wait

There are some things worth waiting for. The right spouse, the right house, and for the eighty-five year old grandmother to safely cross the street. All are worthy of waiting for, but a word of encouragement shouldn’t be included in this list – especially in the world of work. Why? Because waiting too long to […]

Monday Morning Minute 11-14-2011

Monday Morning Minute 11-07-2011

Never Swim Alone

When Diana Nyad set out to swim from Cuba to Florida recently, her dream was to complete the 103 mile swim at the age of sixty. That’s a lofty goal for any world class swimmer, but what’s even more extraordinary is that she believed she could do so after not having swum for thirty years. […]

If You Look Down You’ll Fall Down

This morning at my running group, our running coach, Brian Mandell, was leading us through a series of plyometric exercises. Plyometrics is a fancy word for exercises that people of sound mind don’t volunteer to do (especially at 6:30am), force you to focus on balance, strength in muscles you didn’t know you had, and heart […]