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It just won’t go away…

…the “It” I’m referring to is cancer. Cancer has been an all too frequent and unwelcome visitor in the lives of my family and friends. Five of my fathers brothers and sisters died of cancer; my former business partner, Linda Russell Callecod, is a breast cancer survivor; my friend Fred survived prostrate cancer, my sister […]

Monday Morning Minute 09-26-2011

Monday Morning Minute 09-19-2011

The Law of Diminishing Returns

I was forwarded a video today from a colleague in Washington by the name of Seth Kahan. The video explains research conducted by the Franklin Covey Company on how successful teams are when it comes to achieving their strategic objectives. After interviewing thousands of teams they discovered the Law of Diminishing Returns. Specifically, the number […]

Monday Morning Minute 09-12-2012

Ten Leadership Questions That Predict Team Performance

Ten years ago, while helping to facilitate a seminar for at risk kids and their parents, I heard another facilitator say to a fourteen year old girl “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” The girl was making some bad choices with drugs and alcohol and claimed her choices were sound because […]