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Monday Morning Minute for June 27, 2011

The Believability Factor

There is a leadership admonition that says – they won’t believe the message if they don’t believe the messenger. Leaders are believable when they do what they say they will do and when their behavior is consistent with what they say is important to them. Leaders who know what their non-negotiable values are, what’s important […]

Changing The Course of Human Events

This morning over breakfast I realized my friend Robert was accomplishing something truly extraordinary…he wouldn’t call what he does extraordinary, but I do. Robert is a chapter advisor for his fraternity; a fraternity he’s been a member of for close to thirty years. Long gone are the days of seeing his fraternity solely as a […]

Testing Your Strategic Clarity

Let’s face it. One of the most difficult questions a senior executive can ask is: where are we headed as an organization? This question has always been hard to answer, but in today’s world of work the factors complicating strategic direction have multiplied. If you want to get clear about where you’re going I suggest […]