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From Fee To Shining Fee

I used to really like the image my bank used in their corporate branding. It is a stagecoach which conjures up a romantic image of a high speed and dangerous journey with large sums of money to the safety of the big city. I also saw outlaws on fast horses trying to steal money but […]

7 Steps To Exceptional Coaching

I was on a coaching call recently with my mentor and coach, Alan Weiss, and we discussed success criteria for exceptional coaching. Seven of the twelve discussed I believe can be instrumental in helping managers and leaders improve performance with an employee they’re coaching. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that one or […]

8 Questions That Lead To Transformed Performance

Over the course of 2010 I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies and really smart people. In all of my conversations and at all levels of an organization there has been one series of questions that fostered the most robust of conversations. I’m sharing the questions in the hopes that they prompt […]

10 Must Do’s To Thrive In 2011

Subaru has produced a fabulous commercial that pokes fun at what it sees as its competitors “sameness”. When I watched it, it spoke of the professional growth and innovation each of us will be required to engage in for 2011. You’ll think you’re watching a car commercial – but, in reality you’re being primed as […]

Can You Handle The Truth?

Can You Handle The Truth? from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.