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25 things you can do to grow your business…

In a conversation recently with a group of professional associates, the conversation turned to what successful small and medium sized businesses did in order to grow. Here’s our list: 1. Hire the right people – attract top talent 2. With problem employees – remediate or terminate 3. Jettison mediocre performance 4. Cultivate critical thinking and […]

I Shouldn’t Have to Tell You – You Should Know!

In his book, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness, Chalmers Brothers makes the case that the conversations we have with ourselves and with others determines the results we get; both at home and at work. How true! One chapter in particular grabbed my attention – the chapter on making requests of others. The more I […]

3 Levels of Learning

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think there are three simple levels of learning. They are… 1. About – learning “about” something is primarily geared toward gaining an intellectual understanding of a subject and can come from watching a documentary, reading a book, or listening to a lecture. I can learn about leadership from books, but […]


Celebration from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.

Change is Certain – Growth is Optional

Consider for a moment what would happen in your team or organization if everyone stopped learning – either because they chose to stop learning or because they became closed to learning and growing but were unaware of it. What would happen? It’s safe to say your team would become stagnant, inflexible, myopic, outdated, and professionally […]

Dynamic or Disheartened?

In the Sunday New York Times there was a front-page article entitled, Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened. For twenty years Japan’s economy has seen deflation; no growth whatsoever. They’ve experienced continuous price pressure downward and now real estate values in Osaka and Tokyo are the same as they were in 1983. Government debt is […]

Stop Doing That: 5 steps to remarkable results

I’m constantly thinking about the best way to communicate “how” leaders, teams and organizations can move to higher and greater results. Not intellectually, but literally. I’ve figured it out and have five steps to achieving the extraordinary. Here they are: 1. Jettison old outdated habits…change is inevitable but growth isn’t! We all have a preferred […]