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Leadership Branding 101

Branding from Hugh Blane on Vimeo.

Three Simple Words

It only takes three words to either lift or sour our mood. Our moods can be lifted when we hear the words “I love you”, “that’s great work”, “you are right”. Our moods can be soured when we hear: “you are wrong”, “you’re not capable”, or “you’re being audited”. “You’re being audited” is included because […]

I’m Impressed

I meet executives everyday that are frustrated and disenchanted with their work. They’d love to do something different, but with two kids in college and two new cars in the driveway they feel stuck. But not everyone stays stuck. I have a friend who has just changed careers. After thirty years in an industry where […]

Twisted Thinking Part 2

Clients call me for one of three reasons. They either want to reduce or eliminate the interpersonal differences that create silos, they want to develop higher performing teams and leaders, or they want to create a culture of growth, innovation, and continuous learning. My first response to this call is: “if you really, really want […]